Missulena harewoodi sp. n., male holotype (WAM T142820) A, habitus, dorsal view; B, ventral view; C, eye region, dorsal view; D, carapace, lateral view; E, sternum, ventral view; F, abdomen, dorsal view; G, maxillae and labium, ventral view. Scale bars: A, B – 2.0; C – 0.1; D, E, F – 1.0; G – 0.5. Arrows point to pair of anterior setae (C) and labio-sternal sigillae (E) (see text).

  Part of: Framenau VW, Harms D (2017) A new species of Mouse Spider (Actinopodidae, Missulena) from the Goldfields region of Western Australia. Evolutionary Systematics 1: 39-46. https://doi.org/10.3897/evolsyst.1.14665