PLS of 4th to 6th instars of Australomimetus djuka. All spigots other than CY spigots (C) are non-T-A AC spigots. A–C. Juveniles. D–F. Adults. B–E. Unlike A. spinosus, variation observed in non-T-A AC spigot number within same stadium and state of maturity. CY spigot and nearby AC spigots shown from two perspectives in (A, C, F). B, C, E, F. Left PLS. A, D. Right PLS (image flipped). C, CY spigot; S, putative sensillum. All scale bars 20 µm. See also Abbreviations and terminology (‘Spinning apparatus abbreviations’) and Results (Convention 3 in ‘Conventions applied…’).

  Part of: Townley MA, Harms D (2017) Comparative study of spinning field development in two species of araneophagic spiders (Araneae, Mimetidae, Australomimetus). Evolutionary Systematics 1: 47-75.