Spinnerets of Australomimetus spinosus. A. Overview of spinnerets. Boxes indicate approximate regions and perspectives shown in many of the images in Figs 3–11. Upper spinnerets from right side of opisthosoma (image flipped). B. Division of PLS into three AC regions: non-T-A AC (AC spigot column between two white curves), anterior T-A AC (AC spigots and tartipores left of left white curve), and posterior T-A AC (AC spigots and tartipores right of right white curve). AC tartipores indicated by unlabeled arrows. White curves in Figs 9, 10 likewise separate these three regions. Left PLS; all spigots are those of AC. Scale bars: A 100 µm; B 20 µm. See also Abbreviations and terminology (‘Spinning apparatus abbreviations’) and Results (Convention 3 in ‘Conventions applied…’).

  Part of: Townley MA, Harms D (2017) Comparative study of spinning field development in two species of araneophagic spiders (Araneae, Mimetidae, Australomimetus). Evolutionary Systematics 1: 47-75. https://doi.org/10.3897/evolsyst.1.14765