ALS of 4th to 6th instars of Australomimetus djuka. A. Juvenile. B–E. Adults. Presumed pair of non-T-A PI spigots (stars) on each ALS in males (B, C) were morphologically similar to T-A PI spigots (unlabeled PI spigots) in both sexes and to non-T-A PI spigots (stars) in females (D, E): no MoPI spigots. A, D, E. Left ALS. B, C. Right ALS (image flipped). 1°, 1° MaA spigot; 2°, 2° MaA spigot; N, 2° MaA nubbin (ontogenetic); T, 2° MaA tartipore. Scale bars: A, B, D 20 µm; C, E 10 µm. See also Abbreviations and terminology (‘Spinning apparatus abbreviations’) and Results (Convention 3 in ‘Conventions applied…’).

  Part of: Townley MA, Harms D (2017) Comparative study of spinning field development in two species of araneophagic spiders (Araneae, Mimetidae, Australomimetus). Evolutionary Systematics 1: 47-75.