Live images and habitat of Portacosa cinerea gen. n. and sp. n. A, male holotype (WAM T68032) from near Apex Park, Mildura, Victoria. B, male, same locality. C, female (WAM T56062) from Specimen Hill Bushland Reserve, Bendigo, Victoria, D, female from Red Hill, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (WAM T67906); E, open Eucalyptus camaldulensis riparian woodland, near Apex Park, Mildura, Victoria, where the holotype male (WAM T68032) was found. F, road embankment in Red Hill, Canberra, habitat of female WAM T67906. G, closed burrow of holotype male (WAM T68032). H, open burrow of female WAM T67906 from Red Hill, Canberra.

  Part of: Framenau VW (2017) Portacosa, a new genus for the south-east Australian Grey Wolf Spider (Araneae, Lycosidae, Lycosinae). Evolutionary Systematics 1: 77-86.