The Bitterfeld amber pseudoscorpions shown in Figs 2E–F imaged this time using synchrotron-based microtomography; these are the first Bitterfeld arachnid fossils to be examined using this technique. A)Chthoniidae (Grabenhorst Coll. No. PS-6); B)Pseudogarypidae (Grabenhorst Coll. No. PS-17). In the PDF click on the image to access an interactive 3D model.

  Part of: Dunlop JA, Kotthoff U, Hammel JU, Ahrens J, Harms D (2018) Arachnids in Bitterfeld amber: A unique fauna of fossils from the heart of Europe or simply old friends? Evolutionary Systematics 2: 31-44.