Frogs of the Bufonidae at MBCA: a Ansonia sp. ; b, Ansonia leptopus; c, Ansonia longidigita; d, Ansonia spinulifer; e, Ingerophrynus divergens; f, Leptophryne borbonica; g, Phrynoidis juxtasper (juvenile); h–j, Phrynoidis juxtasper tadpole (lot ZMH A12578) in lateral, ventral, and dorsal views. Images not to scale. Pairs of photos (dorsolateral and ventral) depict the same specimen.

  Part of: Haas A, Boon-Hee K, Joseph A, bin Asri M, Das I, Hagmann R, Schwander L, Hertwig ST (2018) An updated checklist of the amphibian diversity of Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Sabah, Malaysia. Evolutionary Systematics 2: 89-114.