Frogs of the Dicroglossidae and Megophryidae at MBCA: a, Fejervarya limnocharis; b, Limnonectes ingeri; c, L. kuhlii; d, L. leporinus; e, L. paramacrodon; f, Leptobrachium abbotti; g, Leptolalax fritinniens; h, Megophrys nasuta. Images not to scale. Pairs of photos (dorsolateral and ventral) depict the same individual.

  Part of: Haas A, Boon-Hee K, Joseph A, bin Asri M, Das I, Hagmann R, Schwander L, Hertwig ST (2018) An updated checklist of the amphibian diversity of Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Sabah, Malaysia. Evolutionary Systematics 2: 89-114.