This figure shows A: dorsal view the paratype of Gampsocleis acutipennis Karabag, 1955; B: dorsal view of the holotype of Lezina acuminata Ander, 1938, which was declared as missing by Weidner (1966, 1977) and was recently sent back by NHM Lund; C: dorsal view of a paratype of Salomona sigma Redtenbacher, 1891; D: lateral view of the potential type specimen of Paracaedicia appendiculata Fritze, 1914; the status of the specimen is unclear; the label is shown in Figure 3.

  Part of: Dey L-S, Husemann M (2018) An annotated catalogue of the types of bush-crickets and crickets (Orthoptera, Ensifera) housed in the Zoological Museum Hamburg (ZMH). Evolutionary Systematics 2: 115-124.