Ariadna tangara sp. n., female paratype, from American River, Kangaroo Island (SA; SAM NN29862). A habitus dorsal view B ventral view C chelicerae and eyes, dorsal view D tibia and metatarsus, ventral view E left leg I, spines, prolateral view (mirrored) F femur, dorsal view, s denotes apical spines G tarsus and tarsal claws, prolateral view H left leg IV, metatarsus preening comb, retrolateral view (mirrored). Scale bars: 1.0 mm (A, B, D); 0.1 mm (others).

  Part of: Marsh JR, Baehr BC, Glatz RV, Framenau VW (2018) New species of tube web spiders of the genus Ariadna from South Australia (Araneae, Segestriidae). Evolutionary Systematics 2: 137-149.