Artoria males, anterior eye row, frontal view: A, A. strepera sp. n. (AM KS127760) straight, evenly spaced; B, A. barringtonensis sp. n. (AM KS122794) straight, distance between AME/AME at least twice of AME/ALE.; C, A. kanangra (KS45008) slightly procurved, evenly spaced; D, A. belfordensis sp. n. (AM KS127759) eyes strongly procurved, evenly spaced.; E, A. extraordinaria sp. n. (AM KS128074) eyes strongly procurved, distance between AME/ALE at least twice AME/AME. Scale bars: 0.1 mm.

  Part of: Framenau VW, Baehr BC (2018) The wolf spider genus Artoria in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, Australia (Araneae, Lycosidae, Artoriinae). Evolutionary Systematics 2: 169-241.