Syrrhoe affinis, male, 10 mm, ZMBN 127919. a) gnathopod 1, coxa not shown, setae of propodus omitted; b) details of setae from the posterior margin of carpus; c) gnathopod 2, coxa not shown; d) propodus and dactylus of gnathopod 1; e) carpus of gnathopod 2 showing medial setation; f) uropod 1, outer ramus damaged; g) uropod 2; h) telson; i) propodus and dactylus of gnathopod 2, setae omitted; j) carpus with lateral setation; k) uropod 3. Scale bars: 100 µm (a, c, j); 200 µm (f, g, h, k).

  Part of: Fuchs L, Coleman CO, Lörz A-N (2019) The genus Syrrhoe (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Synopiidae) from the North Atlantic. Evolutionary Systematics 3(1): 85-108.