Linear Discriminant Analysis. LD1 just missed 0.43% to explain all the variance of the values of the morphometric measurements. Based on LD1 and LD2, the measurements with the highest value are the forearm length, third metacarpal length, the length of the second phalanx of digit III, and body length.

  Part of: Turcios-Casco MA, Ávila-Palma HD, Ordoñez Trejo EJ, Soler Orellana JA, Ordoñez Mazier DI, Meza-Flores DE, Velásquez A (2020) Rare or misidentified? On the external identification of the neglected Artibeus inopinatus Davis & Carter, 1964 (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) in Honduras. Evolutionary Systematics 4(1): 35-43.