Column bars based on the frequency of the weights of the 648 morphometric measurements analyzed. Note a slight overlap between A. jamaicensis (second graph) and A. inopinatus (first graph), considered by Davis (1970), and an evident overlap between A. jamaicensis and A. lituratus (third graph).

  Part of: Turcios-Casco MA, Ávila-Palma HD, Ordoñez Trejo EJ, Soler Orellana JA, Ordoñez Mazier DI, Meza-Flores DE, Velásquez A (2020) Rare or misidentified? On the external identification of the neglected Artibeus inopinatus Davis & Carter, 1964 (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) in Honduras. Evolutionary Systematics 4(1): 35-43.