Distribution map of Stenocercus flagracanthus sp. nov. (red square) and its most similar species: S. arndti (red circles), S. carrioni (blue triangles), S. chlorostictus (blue crosses), S. crassicaudatus (red triangles), S. empetrus (yellow diamonds), S. eunetopsis (green square), S. torquatus (green triangles), and S. simonsii (yellow triangles). Symbol with a dot in the middle corresponds to type locality. White circles with a dot are important cities for reference.

  Part of: Venegas PJ, García-Ayachi LA, Chávez-Arribasplata JC, Chávez G, Wong I, García-Bravo A (2020) Four new species of Stenocercus Duméril & Bibron, 1837 (Squamata, Iguania) from the Department of Amazonas in northeastern Peru. Evolutionary Systematics 4(2): 79-108. https://doi.org/10.3897/evolsyst.4.57578