Liara (Acanthocoryphus) durata sp. nov. male holotype: A habitus lateral view; B face, C head dorsal view; D fastigium verticis lateral view; E stridulatory file on underside of left tegmen; F thoracic sternites, the arrow points at one of the prosternal spines; G–I titillators of male phallus in ventro-apical view (G), do. as seen from base (H), do. in oblique lateral view (I); J, K male cercus in external (J) and internal (K) views.

  Part of: Ingrisch S (2020) New subgenera and species of Agraeciini (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Conocephalinae) from South Asia found in historical insect collections. Evolutionary Systematics 4(2): 119-132.