Pseudosubria assamensis sp. nov. A–E female: A habitus lateral view; B head and pronotum; C ovipositor; D, E subgenital plate in ventral (D) and lateral view (E). – F–N male holotype: F left tegmen; G stridulatory file; H base of left tegmen; I mirror of right tegmen; J subgenital plate in lateral view; K, L cercus in external (K) and internal (L) view; M, N phallus with titillators. Abbeviations: 7 seventh sternite, m membrane, ov base of ovipositor, sg lateral lobes of subgenital plate.

  Part of: Ingrisch S (2020) New subgenera and species of Agraeciini (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Conocephalinae) from South Asia found in historical insect collections. Evolutionary Systematics 4(2): 119-132.