Geographical distribution of “type” localities among 171 representative “type” specimens of the lepidopteran superfamily Papilionoidea deposited in the Zoological Museum of Hamburg (ZMH). Category A (six type localities) includes Algeria, Greece, Peru and Russia; category B (three type localities) includes Switzerland, Turkey and Spain; category C (two type localities) includes Armenia, Croatia and Yemen; category D (one type locality) includes Turkmenistan, Sweden, Romania, Macedonia. Lebanon, Japan, Estonia, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Belgium.

  Part of: Zahiri R, Nazari V, Rajaei H, Wiemers M, Fatahi M, Seidel M, Dalsgaard T, Husemann M (2021) An illustrated catalogue of the type specimens of Lepidoptera housed in the Zoological Museum Hamburg (ZMH): Part II. superfamily Papilionoidea. Evolutionary Systematics 5(2): 193-261.