Maximum Likelihood phylogeny of Stumpffia species of the S. hara species group, based on 1246 bp of the 3’ and 5’ segments of the 16S rRNA mitochondrial gene. DNA sequences highlighted in colour were newly obtained for this study from Montagne d’Ambre National Park. Numbers at nodes indicate bootstrap support in percent based on 500 bootstrap replicates. All other Stumpffia species and the outgroup, Anilany helenae, are here removed for graphical purposes, and included in Suppl. material 1: Fig. S1.

  Part of: Rakotoarison A, Glaw F, Rasolonjatovo SM, Razafindraibe JH, Vences M, Scherz MD (2022) Discovery of frogs of the Stumpffia hara species group (Microhylidae, Cophylinae) on Montagne d’Ambre in northern Madagascar, with description of a new species. Evolutionary Systematics 6(1): 21-33.