Stumpffia bishopi sp. nov. in life a–c. Holotype ZSM 106/2018 in a. Dorsolateral view; b. Dorsal view; c. Ventral view; d–f. Paratype UADBA 60224 (ex-ZSM 108/2018) in d. Anterodorsolateral view; e. Dorsal view; f. Ventral view. The orange spot on the left ventral thigh in (f) is probably a trombiculid mite. Not to scale.

  Part of: Rakotoarison A, Glaw F, Rasolonjatovo SM, Razafindraibe JH, Vences M, Scherz MD (2022) Discovery of frogs of the Stumpffia hara species group (Microhylidae, Cophylinae) on Montagne d’Ambre in northern Madagascar, with description of a new species. Evolutionary Systematics 6(1): 21-33.