Three-dimensional reconstructions of selected aspects of qualitative anatomy contrasted in the crania (dorsal view to the left, ventral view to the right) based on micro-CT data of the holotypes of Mindomys kutuku sp. nov. (left; MECN 5809; Cordillera de Kutukú, Ecuador) and Mindomys hammondi (right; NHMUK; Mindo, Ecuador), scaled to the same length. The figure portrays differences between the characteristics of these species as follows: M. kutuku sp. nov. has shallower zygomatic notch (zn), posteriorly displaced interorbital constriction (ic), longer incisive foramina (if), larger molars (m), larger auditory bulla (ab), and more caudally directed foramen magnum. Figures are not to scale to facilitate comparisons.

  Part of: Brito J, Koch C, Tinoco N, Pardiñas UFJ (2022) A new species of Mindomys (Rodentia, Cricetidae) with remarks on external traits as indicators of arboreality in sigmodontine rodents. Evolutionary Systematics 6(1): 35-55.