Known recorded localities for Mindomys hammondi, Ecuador (in triangles): 1. Reserva Drácula (Brito et al. 2021); 2. Alto Tambo, Esmeraldas (Pinto et al. 2018); 3. Saloya (probably the provenance of the specimen housed at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard, under the number MCZ 52688); 4. Mindo (type locality; Thomas 1913); star = Cordillera de Kutukú, type locality of Mindomys kutuku sp. nov.

  Part of: Brito J, Koch C, Tinoco N, Pardiñas UFJ (2022) A new species of Mindomys (Rodentia, Cricetidae) with remarks on external traits as indicators of arboreality in sigmodontine rodents. Evolutionary Systematics 6(1): 35-55.