Images depicting colouration of Trimeresurus popeiorum in life, (a) a complete profile of a male Trimeresurus popeiorum from Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary, (b) anterior body showing the bicolored postocular and ventrolateral stripe, (c) dorsal view of head, (d) female lacking the stripes from the same locality. Photos by Zeeshan A. Mirza.

  Part of: Mirza ZA, H. T. Lalremsanga, Bhosale H, Gowande G, Patel H, Idiatullina SS, Poyarkov NA (2023) Systematics of Trimeresurus popeiorum Smith, 1937 with a revised molecular phylogeny of Asian pitvipers of the genus Trimeresurus Lacépède, 1804 sensu lato. Evolutionary Systematics 7(1): 91-104.