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Evolutionary Systematics (formerly Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut) edited by the Leibniz Institut zur Analyse des Biodiversitätswandels is an international, peer-reviewed, life science journal, devoted to whole-organism biology. It mainly publishes original research and review articles in the field of metazoan taxonomy, biosystematics, evolution, morphology, development and biogeography at all taxonomic levels. Its scope encompasses primary information from collection-related research, for example taxonomic descriptions and discoveries, revisions, annotated type catalogues, aspects of the history of science, and contributions on new methods and principles of systematics. Articles whose main topic is ecology, functional anatomy, physiology, or ethology are only acceptable when of clear systematic or evolutionary relevance and perspective. Review articles and contributions to a discussion forum are welcome, but authors are asked to contact the editors beforehand.

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Animal Science and Zoology
Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
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